The Clinic for Pediatric Low Vision

The Clinic for Pediatric Low Vision offers a unique service, treating children with low vision from across the country. Visual impairment may cause significant difficulties in daily living (i.e. problems with environmental orientation and mobility, schooling, sport activities, recreational activities, etc.). Early visual rehabilitation allows for the development and better acclimation to daily living.

In the clinic we guide the patients as to correctly utilize the remnants of their vision, in order for them to successfully overcome their daily challenges, despite their low vision. Our goals include the integration of low vision patients into regular schools, army service, work environments, and other social establishments.

The clinic's multidisciplinary approach is used for the diagnosis and treatment of children. Ophthalmologists specialized in low vision work hand-in-hand with a social worker (also specialized in low vision and family therapy), the specialized ocular geneticist, and low vision optometrists who also individually fit optical low vision aids. We recommend regular checkups to reevaluate the limitations induced by low vision and to fit low vision aids for the changing needs of each and every patient.