Neurocognitive center

The Pediatric Neurocognitive Center

The Neuro-cognitive Center specializes in diagnosis, treatment and research concerning Attention Deficit Disorders (including ADHD), Learning Disorders and Cognitive Thinking problems:

Neurocognitive difficiencies (such as ADD and learning disabilities) are the most common Neuro-Developmental deficiencies in childhood ages and are some of the most prevalent chronic deficiencies in children. Proper diagnosis, treatment and prevention have a long term effect and they lower occurance and complications. In Our Unit, we do Psychological Diagnosis: Developmental, Psycho-didactic, neuropsychological and computerized diagnosis (CPT - Conners') for ADHD.

The center includes a new computerized test (MOXO-CPT) which was developed and validated at Hadassah and has been approved by professional institutions. The MOXO-CPT test is being gradually introduced to many medical centers in Israel and all over the world.

To make an appointment for ADHD Computerized tests, please call +972-2-5844903

To make an appointment for Psychological, Psycho-Didactic and Neuropsychological Diagnosis, please call+972-2-584536.

The Hadassah Neurocognitive Center plans on becoming a "medical trend-setter" and a public policy leader in the cognitive field. Our work is characterized by existing co-operation with the psychological-educational services, the occupational therapy school at Hebrew University, child development institutes and Pediatric medicine departments in Israel and abroad.

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Mt. Scopus, Riklis building, second floor.

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