Safety Procedures

In the Event of a Fire
If you see an unsupervised fire in the hospital, please follow these instructions:

Call the security officer (050-7874100 or 74100 from a hospital line).
Close off the area.
Remove any flammable objects from the vicinity (however, do not attempt to extinguish the fire yourself).
Use the emergency stairs to exit. A map of the emergency stairs can be found in each of the main lobbies on each floor. Do not use the elevator.
Please exit in an orderly fashion, in order to prevent panic.

In the Event of an Earthquake
If you are in the hospital during an earthquake, please follow the following procedure:

  • Take cover in a safe area that is easily accessible(such as between a door post or under a table)
  • Protect your neck and head with your hands
  • If you see a fire, put it out before you take cover
  • If you are driving: stop the car in an open area, on the side of the rode
  • If you are outside: make your way to an open area, far away from building, electrical lines and trees.