Numbers & Figures

Hadassah's 850 physicians 1,940 nurses, 1,020 paramedical and support staff work on two medical center hospitals in Israel, with more than 1,000 beds, 31 operating rooms, 9 specially oriented intensive care units and the combined skills of these thousands of health care professionals.

Every year, Hadassah provides nearly one million people with hospital services.

In keeping with worldwide trends, the Hadassah University Medical Center in Israel is moving toward day care and day hospitalization to reduce costs and risk of infection.
Ein-Kerem and Mt. Scopus
Number of Beds 1,193
Number of Hospitalized 100,730
Number of All Daycares 95,955
Number of Operations 41,013
Number of Births 13,857
Number of Lab. Examinations 5,196,599
Number of IVF 3,139
Number of Radiation Treatments 234,874
Number of Outpatient Visits 930,776
Number of Imaging Examinations 490,760
Number of Emergency Room Referrals 165,340
אישHematology and Oncology Day Care 40,391