Private Medicine

Hadassah's private medical service

The private medical service (Sharap Service) available at Hadassah was established some fifty years ago. It underwent a number of changes over the years before developing into its present format. Through the Sharap Service, patients can select the senior physician who will be treating them. Treatment may be given on an outpatient basis at a clinic, or as part of the patient’s hospitalization.

The services offered as part of the Sharap Service allow the patient to enjoy available, personal treatment, as well as other medically-related services found at Hadassah, including laboratories, imaging equipment, and highly advanced operating rooms. Doctors working for the Sharap Service are members of Hadassah’s senior medical staff. They are specialists in their fields, and hold the academic position of “senior lecturer” or “professor” at the Hebrew University - Hadassah School of Medicine.

As part of the Sharap Service, patients can obtain medical treatment in all medical fields, second opinion consultation, and legal medical opinions for the use of the courts or medical committees of the National Insurance Institute, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, etc.