Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

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The Rehabilitation Department at Hadassah Mount Scopus treats patients both from Israel and around the world. The department physicians care for patients in need of physical therapy and rehabilitation due to neurological injuries (neurological rehabilitation), orthopedic injuries (orthopedic rehabilitation) and other diseases.

Neurological injuries include strokes, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, post neurosurgery state, neurological diseases and other chronic conditions.

Orthopedic injuries include injuries following accidents, post orthopedic surgery state (including joint replacement and spine and limb surgery), amputations, chronic pain syndromes (including back and spine pain), musculoskeletal pains and more.

In addition, there are patients in the department with internal problems and rheumatological diseases, oncological diseases and other diseases requiring various tests, such as an EMG test. A sophisticated Walking and Movement Laboratory also operated by the Department.

Dr. Isabella Schwartz
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Rehabilitation Building, Mount Scopus Hospital