Psychiatry of the child and adolescent Ein Karem

About The Unit for the Psychiatry of the Child and Adolescent

Director of the Child and Adolescent Pshychiatry Unit: Prof. Galili-Weisstub Esti

The Unit for the Psychiatry of the Child and Adolescent treats families and children from birth up to the age of 18 years, and acts as center for evaluation and treatment of a wide range of mental problems.

We have two centers: One in Ein Kerem, and one in Mt. Scopus.

Our team is highly trained for treating emotional and behavioral disorders, developmental disorders, neuropsychological difficulties, family troubles and more. In addition, as a unit operating in a general hospital, we contribute to the all-inclusive care that is given to children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses such as Cancer and HIV, as well as chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

The unit's staff includes psychiatrists specializing in children and adolescents, psychologists (clinical, developmental, educational, medial and rehabilitation psychology), clinical social workers, therapists specializing in non-verbal therapy (music, psychodrama and art), a team of dietitians, a nursing team and social counselors.

The unit is an academic unit operating in a university hospital. A great amount of research is done in the unit, including basic sciences, Master's and Doctorate degree research. In addition, the unit holds teaching sessions for medical students, and it is certified for provising residency training for child and adolescent psychiatry, clinical psychology, rehabilitation psychology, medical psychology and developmental psychology.

It is important for us to emphasize that the unit holds medical confidentiality and keeps all of the patients' rights.

Staff Members

  • Dr. Ben-Arroch Fortunato - Senior Psychiatrist
  • Dr. Galili-Weisstub Esti - Director of Unit
  • Dr. Giesser- Ruth - Attending Physician
  • Dr. Kaplan-Gat Yael - Attending Physician
  • Dr. Kianskiy Ella - Senior Physician
  • Dr. Levi Shlomit - Attending Physician
  • Dr. Masarwa Ranin - Attending Physician
  • Dr. Meltzer Ayelet - Senior Physician
  • Dr. Qutna Nidal - Attending Physician
  • Dr. Ratzon Roy - Attending Physician
  • Dr. Raveh Yuval - External on Call Physician
  • Dr. Shalev Amit - Senior Physician


  • Dr. Goltser-Dubner Tatyana - Researcher
  • Dr. Deitcher Chane - Psychologist
  • Dr. Limor-Arnon Lilach - Researcher
  • Dr. Masalha Widad - Social Worker
  • Dr. Shaked Michal - Psychologist

Contact info



Hadassah Ein Kerem, Mother and Child building, 7th floor.