Hadassah's Hematology Department's leadership in patient care, research, and education depends on thousands of dedicated people - physicians, nurses, and other professionals who care for patients, investigators who explore the causes of hematological disease, and volunteers and benefactors who contribute so that others can hope for more effective therapies.

Our work is made possible in large part by the philanthropic support of our donors. Through charitable giving, friends of the Center can become partners in the effort to reach our goal: the progressive control and ultimate cure of all hematological diseases.

Volunteers work in partnership with our staff, giving their time in support of our mission. Speak to Professor Ben Yehuda or to our head nurse, Ronit Halperin to arrange a schedule of activities or services.

It is important to note that we aim to give the highest quality care, and our standards are considerably higher than those at most other hospitals. The reimbursement rates by the Sick Funds only take into account the ordinary standard of care.

Therefore our department routinely accrues deficits by providing diagnostic tests and critical therapies whose costs are not covered by the daily hospital fees.

Furthermore in order to remain at the forefront, we regularly acquire the sophisticated equipment needed for achieving the maximum in diagnostic accuracy for our patients. Such expenditures must be covered by our benefactors as they go far beyond the costs ordinarily covered by hospital fees.

We would be pleased to accept donations and contributions to our department. We will forward contributions through the Donor Recognition Department with all tax benefits credited appropriately. At our request, we will honor your gift to remember a loved one!

Alternatively, our department has opened a special memorial fund in remembrance of our dear Dr. Shmuel Gillis z''l. This will be used for educational activities in the department, in memory of Shmuel's high esteem for learning.

For those who wish to convey their special form of recognition to the nursing staff, there is a special fund for nurses' welfare which is utilized for nursing education, conferences, book, courses, etc.

All checks should be made payable to Hadassah Medical Organization, together with a cover letter to the Head of the Department with referral to donation.