Department Services

Specialists in the Rehabilitation department of Hadassah provide a range of medical services and operate clinics and laboratories at Hadassah Medical Centers.

The goal of our outpatient clinics is to provide maximum rehabilitation services to physically disabled persons in the community. Specialty services available within the system are neurological rehabilitation, neurogriatric and memory clinic, an Electrophysiological (EMG) institute, a Pain and spasticity clinic, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Orthotics and Prosthetic Clinic, a unique post-polio clinic and urology rehabilitation.

Referrals to the clinics may be initiated by family physicians, physiatrists, hospitals, physioterapiats, occupational therapists and others. Clinics are also offered for patients scheduled for follow-up after in-patient or day-care hospitalization.

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To make an appointment: Tel: +972-(0)2-5842111