Da'at - public health information center

About the center

The "Da'at" (from Hebrew: Knowledge) center is a joint venture between Hadassah Medical Organization and Yad Sarah. The experts that work at the center provide each individual with reliable and up to date information on any disease or medical issue; it is run by a team of healthcare and science professionals.
The center is intended to help you take an active part in your treatment and participate in decisions that involve your body and life.

What is the general background of your illness?
What treatment options are available to you?
Are there options for treatments in alternative medicine?
What is the nature of the drugs recommended for you?
Is your illness chronic or is recovery a possibility?
What symptoms can you expect?
When should you go to the emergency room?
How long is the expected recovery time?
The professional staff members of "Da'at" will answer your questions and address your particular situation as determined by the patient rights act
What is the purpose of "Da'at"?

This service provides information that will educate and enrich but should not be a substitute for medical consultation.
"Da'at" is an information center in memory of Professor Kalman Jacob Mann from Yad Sarah.
It provides service to people from all around the country. The center was established by Hadassah and Hadassah Israel in collaboration with Shaarei Tzedek and the ministry of health. Its purpose is to enable public opinion to exercise their rights and obtain health information.

The information service includes:
A medical library designed to be simple and easy to understand
Worldwide electronic communications
Professional guidance for anyone using the library
Review of the literature according to data from the diagnoses
Contact "Da'at" and we will search for the required information for you, if necessary we will assist you in choosing the appropriate questions and help you find the answers.

Please call 02-6444500
Fax 02-6444505
Yad Sarah, 124 Sderot Herzl
Jerusalem 96187
[email protected]

Please leave your name, age, phone number and address.
Any literature requested by phone or fax will be sent to the address given.
We are here for you.
Nava Dolev "Daat" Team Manager