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The Hadassah Medical Center opens its doors to patients from near and far, proving the highest quality care they rightfully deserve. At Hadassah, we understand and appreciate your investment of time, effort, and resources towards achieving better health. We commit to guide you through the entire process, from the moment you enter Hadassah Medical Center, until the very end of your treatment.

The Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem has been the flagship of Israeli Medicine for over a century, and internationally recognized for its medical excellence. Half of Israel’s medical research takes place at Hadassah. In addition to providing excellent care, Hadassah’s senior physicians partake in cutting-edge medical research, both on the local stage at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and at various institutions abroad.

The majority of Israel’s medical breakthroughs have taken place at Hadassah, including the first successful coronary artery bypass surgery, liver transplant, bone marrow transplant, heart transplant, heart-lung transplant, ivf, and others. Hadassah has stood out on the international stage on multiple occasions, including performing the world’s first computer-assisted hip replacement surgery, and developing the world’s first melanoma vaccine.

Providing excellent, appropriate and accurate medical care is a true art. With its breakthrough medical research, advances in medical technology, and highly qualified medical staff, Hadassah has successfully developed a unique, multidisciplinary medical approach, in which specialist from numerous fields of practice partake in the diagnosis and treatment of each and every patient. Hadassah has proven the ability to integrate these multiple variables (and others) in harmonious fashion to ultimately provide you with the highest level of care. This approach has led Hadassah to establish the “Center for Medical Excellence” in which patients are offered the highest, most advanced treatment to assure their wellbeing.

We understand that medical treatment can precipitate a bureaucratic headache. At Hadassah, we’ve developed an administrative approach to assure that our international patients can invest their primary focus and efforts towards their medical health. Our clear, defined services provide you with a bureaucratic peace-of-mind, including monetary arrangement made directly with the administration (without intervention or negotiation with the medical professional). An all-inclusive cost quote is arranged before the procedure, to minimize any potential “surprises” along the way.

Hadassah assures your overall comfort with highest priority. A personal, native-speaking staff member will accompany you throughout the entire process. Hadassah’s breathtaking views of Jerusalem provide therapeutic comfort, both physically and mentally.

We look forward to providing you with the highest level of care

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