Division of Emergency Medicine

About Us

The Harvey M. and Lyn P. Meyerhoff Emergency Department provides careful and comprehensive treatment for their patients. This treatment includes examining, evaluating, diagnosing and stabilizing the patient's condition before release or referral.

While its name may echo an earlier concept as a high-speed clearing-station for trauma and other acute emergencies, our modern department provides a larger range of medical care. Our department sees roughly 73,000 patients annually - 80% of the patients are adults and 20% are children. Almost a third of all patients who come to the emergency room are hospitalized. The main goals for emergency room care are resusitation, treating critical cases and stabilizing patients before they are moved to other departments.

Our department has 63 adult beds and 8 pediatric beds and is supported by a laboratory service with an X-ray wing. The emergency room staff include specialists from various departments, such as internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and orthopedic surgery.