Mt. Scopus Hospital Admissions


The first day of hospitalization is intended for the admitting process, carrying out tests and becoming acquainted with the attending staff.

On the morning of your admission to the hospital, take your letter of referral to the patient admissions office where the hospital registration process will be carried out and you will be referred to the hospitalization ward.

Usually a number of patients are admitted to the same ward on the same day, and so it may be necessary to wait between one test and the next. Please accept this with understanding, and bring something to do while you are waiting (a book, handicrafts. etc.)

The patient admissions office is open Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 until 16:00.

When the office is close kindly contact the ER admittion office.


The doctors in the department will inform patients or members of the family a day prior to the discharge date.

Following the admission's office approval on ending the discharge procedure, a discharge report/illness summary, together with one portion of the medications with instructions to the attending physician for follow up, will be given to the patient or family member.

Patients who are scheduled to return to the clinic for a follow-up visit after discharge are requested to check with the department secretary that an appointment has been made for them and that the date has been written in the discharge report/illness summary.

If for some reason an appointment has not been made, please contact the appointment center, telephone 02-58-42111.

Remember to bring a payment voucher from the health fund or cash payment when coming to the clinic appointment.

Day Care

Day Care is intended for patients who are admitted, receive the appropriate treatment and are discharged on the same day.

Patients must bring the appropriate payment voucher for day care and arrive at the appointed time.

Arrival to the day care should be between 7.00 and 8.00 a.m.
When discharged, by evening, it is recommended to the patient not to drive by himself, and ask a member of the family to take care of it.