Door to door services

Hadassah's International Patients department will help you to arrange your visit for medical treatment in Israel.

Our well trained staff and authorized agents will assist you with all your needs - from coordinating your physical check-ups and second opinions to sophisticated surgeries and state-of-the-art therapies. From the initial inquiry through all stages of treatment, Hadassah is on hand to provide individualized service.

The Center coordinates every aspect of the international patient's care, before, during and after the Hadassah visit.

Our personalized approach includes:

  • Handling your medical information
  • Medical assessment and treatment protocol
  • Advance financial billing arrangements, including detailed estimates
    Appointment scheduling with Hadassah specialists and services
  • Pre-registration and coordination of admission
  • Personal escorts to appointments and procedures
  • Transportation arrangements including airport transfers, ground or air ambulance and medical escort, if necessary
  • Hotel or long-term lodging for patients and their families, including an on-site luxury hotel. Interpretation services
  • The International Patient Center is happy to respond to special requests from patients and their families.

Medical Travel
The International Patient Center can provide medical personnel and equipment to accompany patients in any condition, to and from any destination in the world.

We can handle all travel arrangements with scheduled airlines or arranges private fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters, if necessary, as well as ambulance or intensive care ambulance service to and from the airport.

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