military medicine School

School of Military Medicine in Israel

The Military Medicine Program

Executive Secretary: Ms. Ilanit Alimi - Tel: 02-6758622

Hadassah and the Hebrew University Medical School are joining forces to develop and promote a program to train future physicians in the field of military and later civilian medicine.

Our main objectives:

  • To provide medical students with the knowledge, skills and tools that will then enable them to handle emergencies as well as diagnose and treat unknown medical conditions. It will teach them to build a trusting relationship with the patients. They can then continue on to whichever medical field they choose and utilize those skills in medical school.
  • To give the students tools to cope with an array of different situations, from military medicine to emergency terror situations.

The program will be constantly monitored to evaluate its effectiveness at achieving these goals.

The basic curriculum is similar to the curriculum at the Hebrew University Medical School.
In addition to the regular curriculum, there are training programs in the following fields:

  • diving medicine
  • aviation medicine
  • emergency field and combat medicine
  • terror and trauma medicine
  • sports medicine
  • climate vulnerability
  • managing mass casualty incidents and disaster situations

At the Hebrew University honor students can earn a Masters degree in each area as well as a Ph.D with an additional year of study.

Applying to the program
The application process to this program is identical to the medical school application process and is evaluated by the IDF and medical corps.

Students are exempt from tuition and boarding fees.