Medical Research

Updated May 2018

There is an assumption that a physician can keep abreast of the latest developments and scientific knowledge solely by reading the professional literature. That assumption is unfounded. Although professional literature is widely available, cutting-edge medicine practiced at a high level of distinction is found only where physicians are involved in active research.

The Hadassah Medical Organization's perspective embraces a broad view of the needs of the country and the field of medicine. Holding a deep conviction that research is the essence of medicine, Hadassah is committed to advancing and developing the field of medicine in Israel by translating research insights into practical advances that not only prolong but enhance the qualityof life.

In light of this, Hadassah has set excellence in research as one of the highest of its goals and made research activity its norm. Hadassah is committed to encouraging its physicians to participate in research and to incorporate them into both the Israeli and the international world of research.

Research at Hadassah hospitals touches every field and area of medicine, be it basic, clinical or applied research. Every department, unit and clinical institute at Hadassah includes a research arm with state-of-the-art laboratories available for the researchers' use. In addition to those academic researchers at Hadassah for whom research is their main focus, we would like to see every Hadassah physician active in research.

A substantial proportion of research at Hadassah is done in cooperation with researchers from the Hebrew University, as well as with researchers from other research institutes in Israel and worldwide. Thus, Hadassah is particularly devoted to openness to interdisciplinary research not only within its schools and departments, but also within its laboratories, institutes and research centers in Israel and abroad.

Hadassah's research labs are an inseparable part of the hospital's clinical departments. In addition, research also takes place in designated research units and in multi-disciplinary research centers, such as the Women's Health Center, the Gene Therapy Center, the Bone Marrow Transplantation Center, Cancer Immunotherapy and Cell Therapy, the Bone Calcium and Metabolism Research Center, and others. The Ministry of Science recognizes the Gene Therapy Center and Embryonic Stem Cell Center at Hadassah as foundational national centers.

These research centers are providing information, help and service to the entire research community in Israel (information on these centers is found in the second chapter of this book).

In addition to the departmental labs and the multi-disciplinary research centers, our researchers have at their disposal unique basic laboratories, including the cGMP-grade Vector Production Lab; laboratories that meet P3 standards; the Transgenetic Mice Production Unit; the SPF-grade Animal Lab; an Animal MRI Lab, and more.

Hadassah is establishing cooperative centers for the prevention, treatment and research of specific diseases, such as the Diabetes Center, the Lupus Center, the IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) Center, the Cardiovascular Disease Research Center, and others (information on these centers is found in Chapter 3 of this book, under "Information on Various Departments"). These centers, as well, take part in clinical and basic research, each in its own field.

Funding of research at Hadassah is provided via both internal and external sources. The Hadassah Women's Zionist Organization of America (HWZOA) has made commitment to research its watchword, and invests heavily in this area.

Despite the current financial situation and the deep recession in Israel and worldwide, this year, as well as during the past two previous years, HWZOA have succeeded in continuing to raise funds to finance research. Every year, HWZOA directly distribute Hadassah research funding in the amount of approximately one million dollars - in addition to HWZOA investments in research infrastructure and human resources. Internal research funds are awarded on a competitive basis, with the aim of attracting external competitive funding from Israeli and international sources. In the realm of competitive research, a wide campaign of clinical and applied research is taking place, funded by commercial pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. A substantial portion of this research originates in the developments that came out of research done at Hadassah.

The high quality of research done at Hadassah can be seen in, among other things, the relatively large number of grants received each year by competitive sources in Israel and worldwide, such as the USA National Institutes of Health, the bi-national funds of Germany, France and USA, the European Union funds, and private funds and organizations.

Competitive grant at HMO:

2000 2001 2002
Grant 217 184 205
PIs 129 119 130
$M 4.79 5.16 5.45
Likewise, research excellence is also evidenced in the relatively large number of scientific publications published each year by Hadassah researchers in the leading scientific literature.

Number of publications:
2000 2001 2002
Publications 514 604 654
Hadasit Ltd. was founded with the purpose of establishing, supporting and advancing the commercialization of information gained through research done at Hadassah. In the past three years, Hadasit has established twelve technological development subsidiary companies, produced new devices and drugs, and applied for over forty patents created by Hadassah researchers.

Over 200 clinical trials performed each year at the two Hadassah hospitals are facilitated by the Hadasit Company. These clinical trials are part of a series of tests required in the process of authorizing drugs, equipment, methods, or new medical protocols for use in humans. The trials are financed by commercial entities and are used as an important source of data for Evidenced-based Medicine and as a tool for the inculcation of Good Clinical Practices. (Information on Hadasit can be found in this chapter).

The first chapter of this book presents a selected number of articles and research on various topics, all performed at Hadassah. The second chapter introduces the multi-disciplinary research centers and the national infrastructure found at Hadassah. Finally, the third chapter presents the researchers and a list of their publications in the past three years. The material in this book is organized according to Hadassah divisions and departments. At the end of the book are an index of research topics and an index of researchers.

The Hadassah Medical Organization's Division of Research and Development is at your disposal regarding all questions and matters pertaining to researchers and research at Hadassah.

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