Clinical Trials Center

A Clinical trials Center (HCTC) was established about 3 years ago at Hadassah Medical Organization that specializes in conducting clinical trials in the early stages of drug development.

It focuses on phase I and phase II research but also supports phase III studies. It aids researchers who are interested in studying this but don't have a research team of their own.

The clinical research center is located in the Technology Park Building.
Within the past year there have been 10 "phase I" studies and 4 "phase II" studies. They use skilled staff to perform preliminary studies as well as building the research infrastructure that enables researchers from Hadassah University Hospital to perform phase I studies of medications.

Centers staff members

  • Mr Eric Kornblit, officer at HCRC
  • Ms Yafit Cohen, research coordinator
  • Ms Hannah Drury, research nurse
  • Ms Karin Attias, research coordinator
  • Ms Ilanit Lintzer, Administrative director