About the building

The 14-story Davidson Tower contains 500 beds, 20 operating rooms, 50 intensive care beds, the Heart Institute and the Department of Internal Medicine, all surgical and medical treatment divisions and all surgical, medical and cardiac intensive care units.

Each floor houses two departments with one and two-bed rooms. A four-bed "step-down" care unit in each department obviates the need to transfer less critical patients to an intensive care unit.

The Davidson Tower has satellite radiology and an imaging center; it houses all the hospital's major supply services and tghere are plans to build basic laboratory services. A sophisticated communications infrastructure supports seamless integration of all clinical and research projects and makes patient information immediately available.

The new treatment tower provides a therapeutic environment for our patients and their families, with peaceful healing gardens, rooms tailored to patient needs, and a comprehensive resource center. Designed to enable Hadassah's health-care professionals to continue their trailblazing work, there is additional space for individualized medical treatments, gene and stem cell research, computer-guided surgery and other groundbreaking advances.

As medical modes and patients' needs continue to change, so will the tower. The new hospital tower is easily adaptable to incorporate the pressures of progress with minimal disruption to patient care and comfort.

Even before construction began, Hadassah's team of Israeli and American architects were awarded and recognized for the building's innovative design. Anticipating the 'Green Revolution', they incorporated many energy-saving devices and other innovations to ensure that the building would more than exceed today's standards.

Universally ecofriendly, the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower uses natural light wherever possible and a computerized lighting system that responds to external elements. The building has many other environmental-friendly innovations, among them: radiant beam heating in the patients' rooms (eliminating the need for electrical connections); rooftop centrifugal chillers with magnetic bearings (allowing us to reduce electricity usage); computerized control systems for optimum energy savings; use of residual heat to conserve energy; and fuel-saving recycling of condensation water from the steam system.

From its beginning in 1912, Hadassah's ability to initiate and innovate set the standard for medicine in Israel. An impressive list of trailblazing achievements is testimony to Hadassah's vision and mission. For nearly a century, under Turkish rule, during the British Mandate, through the founding of the State and into the next millennium, Hadassah changed the face of Israel and the medical map of the Middle East forever - and continues to do so - with the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower. A pinnacle of excellence, its state-of-the-art structure, endowed with sophisticated equipment and professional expertise, bestows the benefits of life for patients at their most crucial of times. Once again, Hadassah is creating a system and setting a standard for the highest quality of medical care in Israel.