Hadassah Foundation

The Foundation Mission
The Hadassah Foundation is dedicated to refocusing the priorities of the Jewish community through innovative and creative funding for women and girls in the United States and Israel. Its mission is to improve the status, health and well-being of women and girls; bring their contributions, issues and needs from the margins to the center of Jewish concern; and encourage and facilitate their active participation in decision-making and leadership in all spheres of life.

About The Hadassah Foundation

Our History
The Hadassah Foundation was established in 1998 after an extensive strategic planning process that examined the Israel projects of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America (HWZOA). A report by the late political scientist Professor Daniel Elazar recommended the creation of a foundation. In 1998, the National Board of HWZOA formally established The Hadassah Foundation with a $10 million endowment. The Foundation enables Hadassah to address unmet societal needs in Israel and the United States and to engage in cutting-edge initiatives outside the framework of Hadassah's existing projects.

The Hadassah Foundation, whose office is located at Hadassah House in New York City, is a tax-exempt supporting foundation. The State of New York filed the Certificate of Incorporation on June 1, 1998; by-laws were established in October 1998, and tax-exempt status was granted in January 1999. The Foundation announced its first grants in June 2000.

Our Focus
The Hadassah Foundation funds projects that serve women and girls from diverse cultural groups within Israel and the Jewish community in the United States. Initial grants supported education, training, leadership and self-esteem projects. Beginning in 2002, the Foundation has focused on girls in the United States and on economic empowerment in Israel. Our grantees seek to promote fundamental change by addressing the underlying obstacles that impede the full participation of women and girls in society.