Breast feeding and eating counseling


The nursing baby adjusts the amount of breast milk he needs and grows in the speed best suited for his body. When feeding the baby with formula, bottle feeding - the amount of food given to the baby is usually greater than he needs. Breast milk is available for the baby; it is in the right temperature, and the optimal hygiene conditions to prevent infections. On the other hand, feeding the baby with a formula that might have been prepared in unsuitable conditions may cause infections.

Breastfeeding has emotional advantages both for the mother and for the baby. It bestows a sense of security and tranquility upon the baby and strengthens the connection between the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding is both cheap and economical.

In addition to the advantages of breast milk over formula, we must also remember that the mother benefits from breastfeeding as well. Breastfeeding causes faster shrinkage of the uterus by decreasing the bleeding and getting the uterus back to its original size.

Breastfeeding helps to lose weight since the formation of milk requires spending over 500-700 calories per day, compared with the pregnancy itself which requires spending about 300 calories per day.

Breastfeeding decreases the chance to develop breast cancer. Some evidence show that the longer period of time a woman breastfeeds the less chance she has of developing breast cancer.