Private transportation and parking

Private Transportation and Parking
Both Hadassah Medical Centers are accessible by car. For directions, please use the maps and directions.

Paid parking is available at both Hadassah medical centers.

Hadassah Ein Kerem
There is paid parking available at Hadassah Ein Kerem. The public parking lot has the capacity of 3,500 parking spots. Parking costs 20 NIS a day. Each ticket is valid for 24 hours and visitors can come and go as often as needed within that time span.

Hadassah also operates a free shuttle service from the parking lots to the center of the campus. The shuttle leaves from the parking lot every 5-10 minutes. The shuttle runs Sunday through Thursday from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm.

Additionally, the Ein Kerem campus has two private parking lots. One of the parking lots belongs to the hotel and has an 80-car capacity. The other parking lot is located near the Davidson Hospital Tower. The cost of parking at the private lots is 18 NIS for the first hour and up to 36 NIS for 24 hours. Final price is dependent on the length of stay.

There are clear signs at the entrances of the campus and parking lots, ensuring that visitors will not pay twice. Tickets are paid at stands that can be found throughout the campus. The final cost is determined by a computerized system. This system will take note of your license plate number and will charge you based on location and length of stay.

The public lots allow a ticket holder to come and go as they please within the 24 hours the ticket is valid.

Weekends: parking at Hadassah is free during Shabbat (Friday night to Saturday night- times vary each week). This does not include the shopping center parking lot.

PLEASE NOTE: Municipality inspectors issue tickets to cars parked in the areas around the campus.

Passes can be purchased through “Shafir” parking company: 03-9169689

Parking at Hadassah Mt. Scopus University Hospital
The hospital has several paid parking lots available for the public. Parking costs 20 NIS per day and each ticket is valid for 24 hours. Visitors can come and go as needed within that time frame. Payment is done upon exiting the lot.

Please Note!
Both hospitals have special parking discounts for oncological, maternity, and dialysis patients.
All lots are electronically operated (including payment system)