The staff of both the Department of Pathology and the Experimental Pathology Unit actively participate in a number of ongoing research projects and studies.

Research topics of the deaprtment include:

  • The molecular basis by which chronic inflammation induces neoplastic changes in several animal and human disease models
  • Changes in the molecular expression of placental and embryonic tissue in an animal model of intrauterine growth retardation
  • Computer-based systems in assessment of histological and cytological parameters (image analysis)
  • The role of transcription factors (NF-K B and oct3/4) in neoplastic processes
  • Pathogenic mechanisms in viral diseases with a special interest in HIV and its virulence
  • Mediators of inflammation in pathogenesis of atherosclerosis
  • The role of the enzyme heparanase in human neoplasms and other pathological processes

The Department of Pathology also provides technical assistance in preparation of histological slides for researchers in Hadassah Medical Center and the Medical School, as well as researchers from other institutions.