Joint Replacement and Reconstruction Clinic

Joints - Knee and Hip Replacement or Reconstruction

The Joint Replacement and Reconstruction Clinic of the Department of Orthopedics (Hadassah Mount Scopus) performs approximately 600 knee and hip joint replacements annually.

Treatments at the Clinic
The patients treated in the clinic typically have advanced injuries of the hip or knee joint which require treatment. Most of these injuries are advanced degenerative injuries such as cartilage deterioration requiring surgical intervention, particularly joint replacement.Our physicians also treat complex cases, such as serious infections, and patients suffering from significant bone loss.

Treatment Methods
In recent years surgical replacement of knees and joints has become very common. It does not take long for the patient to become mobile once the surgery is completed. Today, approximately 95% of patients undergoing replacement surgery are satisfied with their surgery results. Thanks to technological and biological developments transplant longevity is increasing and today ranges between 15 - 20 years.

In recent years, doctors have been performing hip replacement using a reduced incision of approximately 5-6 cm. This incision minimizes tissue damage and patients are able to recuperate much more quickly, with some being discharged after only 5 days. During the past year our unit has performed non-invasive computer guided hip replacement for the first time in the world. This was done without any need to cut the muscles.

Our physicians also perform joint reconstructive surgery. This surgery is geared towards young people with congenital diseases of the joints or developmental diseases. This surgery prevents degenerative changes in the joint and the need to replace the hip or the knee at a later stage in life.

Our department has established a team that includes doctors, nurses, a social worker, a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. Our team begins to work with the patient a month prior to surgery in order to ease the hospitalization and discharge. This system has proven effective in preventing superfluous anxiety and increases patient satisfaction.

The Hadassah Orthopedics Department is part of the Hip and Knee Replacement Registry of Dundee University in Scotland. All of the replacement statistics are forwarded to the university's computerized database. At any given time the staff is able to check Hadassah's results and compare them with those of other participating centers. We are certain that this program will aid us in our quality control and will lead to additional improvements in surgical outcome.


  • Dr. Yoav Mattan: Head, Joint Replacement Unit
  • Prof. Iri Liebergall: Department Chairman
  • Dr. Aryeh Kandel

Clinic Hours
Hadassah Mount Scopus: Tuesday 8:00 am - 11:30 am