The nursing department at Hadassah is a leader in academic research.

Clinical Presentation – in the past few years, the nursing department at Hadassah has participated in the annual clinical presentation. Once a year, the nursing department presents the best of its research to the rest of the hospital.

Student Guidance - Hadassah is known as a magnet for students, due to the wide variety of medical services it offers. The advanced training of, and personal guidance of each student by the nursing staff at Hadassah is another reason students choose to complete their studies at Hadassah. The nursing staff encourages this type of personal guidance, and sees it as an expression of renewal and an opportunity to attract new nurses to work at the hospital. Throughout the year, students from Hadassah’s School of Nursing, as well as nursing students from other schools are placed in various departments and units as a part of their training. The students are assigned to a clinical advisor who has undergone special training for this position (as per the Ministry of Health).

Clinical Advisor Forum - For the past three years, the department of nursing has held a professional support forum for clinical advisors. These clinical advisors are assigned to the new nurses and students who are placed in their departments and are meant to be roles and show how nurses are meant to interact with their patients, patients’ families and a multidisciplinary staff. At a time where we are faced with a nursing shortage, supporting these advisors, who are very influential in acquiring new nursing personnel, is of utmost importance.

The forum is the brainchild of the department of nursing, and was established together with the School of Nursing. Throughout the forum, various topics and issues are discussed.

Academic Coordinators - Due to an increasing need for research in the field of quality of care, a special unit in the department of nursing was created for academic advisors. Currently there are academic advisors in the fields of obstetrics, oncology, internal medicine and surgery. The position requires the advisor to have a background in research and experience conducting research, as s/he will be used as a resource for the research as well its implementation and publication. The department of nursing sees the development of this position as an integral part of the growing trend of research in the field.