Mission Statement

Hadassah’s Division of Nursing - Mission Statement

Our nurses work to advance and preserve the well-being of the patient through treatment; in accordance with a treatment plan that has been decided upon together with the patient's input.

The treatment plan will be determined through coordination and consultation with all involved factors, in addition to others with whom the patient wishes to consult. The nurses are involved in each phase of treatment, while maintaining a humane, professional and holistic vision of the patient.

Our Values

  • Quality of Treatment- fostering a culture of quality, safety and continuous improvement of care provided to patients.
  • Leadership- innovation, creativity and initiative
  • Excellence- maintaining high standards in hiring new nurses, clinical practice, teaching, continuous development, and implementation of nursing research, all while striving for excellence
  • Equality- treating all patients without discrimination or bias
  • Respect- maintaining fairness and respect for patients and staff members
  • Teamwork- working together with colleagues and a multi-disciplinary staff; including the patient in decision-making processes.

Our Vision

  • To coordinate and lead a multidisciplinary treatment plan while providing quality nursing care
  • To further develop professional quality
  • To ensure cooperation and respect between the patient and the nursing staff based on a relationship of trust
  • To be considered by nurses as the number one place to work as well as the number one place for clinical field work by nursing students
  • To be involved and committed to the advancement of healthcare in society