A Letter from the Head of the Nursing Staff

A Word from Hadassah’s Head of Nursing:

A Legacy of Leadership
The Hadassah Medical Center is one of Israel’s leading medical centers, exceling in treatment, research and teaching. More than 1,800 nurses work at the medical center, the majority of which are certified (93%) and work in academia (67%). This is what makes our medical center a magnet for students, graduate students and nurses.

There are Many Reasons to Choose a Nursing Career at Hadassah

Professional Vision
The patients and their families are at the focal point of our treatment and actively participate in treatment decisions. The nursing staff is continually involved in treatments and it is with the help of their knowledge, tools and authority that that both the patient and physician make the most informed decisions during each stage of treatment.

Hadassah offers a wide variety of medical fields, both acute and chronic, that nursing students can specialize in.

Leading Professionals
The nursing staff at Hadassah are leaders both professionally and academically. Maintaining a high standard of care is possible because of the emphasis put on the further professional development of the nursing staff. A large part of professional care is a result of research in the field of nursing. The professionalism of the nursing staff at Hadassah is evident through the various prizes awarded to them, both from the hospital as well as outside sources.

Defining a career path is one way that a nurse is able to develop his/her abilities and capabilities. Hadassah is the only medical center where a young nurse can specialize in a specific department. Authority and benefits are granted based on level of expertise. Additionally, an emphasis is put on both personal and professional development, and many courses in and outside the hospital are offered to our nursing staff.

Your voice and professional opinions matter to us and to the patient. The hospital recognizes your professional abilities and empowers nurses through the belief that their involvement and professionalism affect the quality of a patient’s treatment, as well as your professional satisfaction at the hospital.

Mutual Respect
The relationship between the different members of staff is based on values of mutual respect and fairness.

Compensation and Benefits
At the hospital, we recognize the various needs of our staff. Therefore, we’ve established numerous aid programs and benefits for our nursing staff.
I am extremely proud to stand at the head of such a professional and nurturing program. I would love to have you to join our warm, supportive and professional family..