Hadassah Medical and Ascento Medical have joined forces to establish an innovative Dementia/Alzheimer’s Clinic

(Jerusalem) January 23, 2022 – Ascento Medical Ltd (Ascento) announces a strategic partnership to develop Clinics for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, with special care of cognitive, behavioral and well-being aspects of these conditions.

Ascento Medical’s platform is based on the work of Professor Eli Wertman, MD, a Behavioral Neurologist of The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, who has treated numerous patients for the condition commonly referred to as Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as other types of dementias, pre-dementia states and other cognitive and behavioral conditions. Over the past decade, Professor Wertman developed a method and algorithms that created unparalleled success treating these patients. This will now fuel further developments based on Data Science to optimize the algorithms in order diagnose the specific underlying causes of cognitive decline for each patient and create an individualized treatment plan for obtaining better outcomes.

The clinics will deploy the Ascento Cloud-Based Decision Support Platform, which gathers highly detailed, multidisciplinary data, focusing on defining co-existing phenomenology, and Multimorbidity, which is highly prevalent in the 3rd age. Through synthesis of the information, the platform creates a personalized, differential diagnosis and treatment protocol for each patient.

"We are excited with this partnership that will certainly improve medical care for the aging population with cognitive problems. We share the vision of providing holistic care by treating the multiple causes of functional and cognitive deterioration in aging people. We also share the desire to perform further medical research for the benefit of patients", said Prof Ben Hur, Director of the division of Clinical Neurosciences at Hadassah – Hebrew University Medical Center.
"The partnership between Hadassah and Ascento is established at the beginning of an extremely exciting new era for the whole field of neurological degenerative diseases and particularly for dementias. Given the aging of the population and the emerging novel strategies of diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, our joint clinic is expected to become an important hub for the excelent clinical management of patients with dementias and pre-dementia states, as well as for the education of new generations of physicians and other healthcare professionals.”, said Dr Ekstein, Chair of the Department of Neurology at Hadassah Medical Organization.

“The establishment of the Hadassah-Ascento Clinic will be the leading model for the implementation of the Ascento Platform and a vehicle for further joint medical research of the underlying conditions, leading to cognitive, behavioral and functional decline”, said Professor Eli Wertman, Co-Founder and Chief Medical & Scientific officer Ascento.

“Ascento’s collaboration with Hadassah Medical Center is the first client adoption of Ascento’s solution. We are proud that such a distinct institution has elected us to join forces,” said Rami Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Ascento.

The Hadassah Medical Center was established in 1912 and is a world-class facility. For more than a century, Hadassah has set the standard of excellence for medical care and research in Israel. Every year, Hadassah provides nearly one million people with hospital services, and in keeping with worldwide trends, the Hadassah University Medical Center in Israel is moving toward day care and day hospitalization to reduce costs and risk of infection. Our doctors and scientists are on the frontlines, uniquely positioned to pinpoint ever-evolving medical needs. Their experience and ingenuity have yielded new ideas with huge potential in all areas of medicine, including therapeutics, diagnostic medical devices, and digital health.

Ascento Medical specializes in the field of Dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment. The Company has developed a solution to the ravages of Alzheimer’s that uses Data science and the experience of expert neurologists to give patients new hope.

For further information, please contact:
Ms Hadar Elboim, Hadassah spokesperson, Tel. + 972 2 6776220
Mr. Rami Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder, Ascento Medical, + 972 545 203141,mailto:[email protected]