What is special about Women's Health Center?

There are many and different centers for women's health in Jerusalem and throughout the country, but the Women's Health Center at Hadassah is unique for several reasons:
  • The Center is interdisciplinary and combines the best doctors, nurses, and consultants from all fields related to health. Therefore, it can meet the entirety of medical and other problems which women face at different times in their lives.
  • The Center is part of the extensive research activities that exist in Hadassah hospitals and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • The Center has the most advanced medical equipment, as well as the laboratories and Institutes of Hadassah hospitals at its disposal, where it can rapidly and reliably perform all testing required for diagnosis and treatment.
  • The presence of the Center within the walls of the Hadassah Hospitals allows quick referral for hospitalization or further treatment if necessary.
  • The Center has four groups of clinics that are specialized in every age group:

- Girls and adolescents
- Childbearing age
- Menopause
- The Golden Age