The Search for Genes Causing Mitochondrial Diseases

The mitochondria is the cell "powerhouse", supplying all vital organs with energy. Multi-protein complexes comprising the mitochondrial respiratory chain produce energy. A few of these proteins are synthesized within the mitochondria which contains its own separate genetic material (DNA). The remaining proteins are encoded in the nuclear DNA and are imported from the cytoplasm. Defects in the respiratory chain cause mitochondrial diseases. These diseases may be caused by genetic changes (mutations) either in the mitochondrial DNA or the nuclear DNA.

During the last decade, we focused our research on the study of mitochondrial diseases, mainly by the identification of mutations in the nuclear DNA causing respiratory chain defects.

The research is supported by:
  • The Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) which also supported an international workshop in February 2006 (
  • The French-Israeli Ministries of Sciences
  • The French Association for Muscular Diseases (AFM)
  • The Israeli Ministry of Health


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