The "One and Only" Clinic

Welcome to the "One and Only" Clinic - Comprehensive Examination for Women

In medicine of the 21st century it is recommended that all women in mid-life (over age 40) undergo a series of medical tests to assess the state of their health and thereby prevent the onset of disease and improve their quality of life.

A lot of seemingly "wasted" time is required to perform all the tests and obtain the correct advice.

With the aim of reducing hassle and saving wasted time, a multidisciplinary clinic was established within the Center for Women's Health at Hadassah Ein Kerem, which enables women to perform every series of tests their age and situation requires within one visit. At this "One and Only" clinic, women can receive professional health and medical advice from specialist physicians from the outset.

What are the clinic "stations"?

Admission and opening conversation with a clinic nurse - during this talk you will fill out an admission form and the nurse will inform you about the health issues that concern you and the general procedures of the "One and Only" clinic.

The nurse will take blood tests for a blood count, blood sugar levels, hormone levels, and lipid concentration in the blood.