The Center for Hematlogical Diseases and Cancer Immunotherapy

Our clinic accepts patients with malignant blood disorders, genetic diseases treatable with bone marrow transplants, and patients who are immunodeficient and lacking bone marrow products.

Patients receive consultation regarding treatments for such conditions as:

  1. Metastatic cancers that can be treated with megadoses of medication in combination with a bone marrow transplant in adults (breast or ovarian cancer, etc.) and children (such as neuroblastoma).
  2. Patients with malignant diseases who wish to receive treatment to boost their immune systems using biological compounds (interferon and interleukin-2).
  3. Patients with metastatic cancers who wish to receive experimental treatments based on immune treatment using blood cells from a suitable donor, or anti-cancer vaccines (immunotherapy).
  4. Patients with autoimmune diseases interested in experimental treatments aimed at correcting their immune system functioning.

Private medical service (SHARAP) is available.

  • Professor Reuven Or - Head of Department, Hematologic diseases: malignant blood disorders, autoimmune diseases, diseases with missing blood components or immune deficiency; hereditary diseases curable by bone marrow transplantation.
  • Dr. Michael Shapira - senior physician, internist and hematologist.
  • Professor Igor Reznik - senior physician, immunologist and hematologist.

Personal health care service (TR"A)

  • Dr. Sigal Grissaru - Senior Physician, Hematology

Hematologic Diseases Department Clinic

  • Dr. Michael Shapira
  • Professor Igor Reznik
  • Dr. Sigal Grissaru
  • Dr. Irena Zilberman
  • Dr. Svetlana Miron
  • Dr. Alexander Lebovich

Research and Experimental Treatments

  • Dr. Osnat Hazan

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