The Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases considers teaching a mission of utmost importance. Members of our staff teach in the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing. Teaching in our department integrates lectures on clinical subjects with instruction on research subject.

For many years, members of our department have been instructing medical and dental students for their final research projects. Additionally, our department has guided students in their research for graduate degrees and have instructed interns in research conducted within the framework of basic sciences. Research topics are varied and include different fields in clinical microbiology, aspects in pharmacology in the context of infectious diseases, and more.


  1. Medical Clinical Microbiology (Course No. 75308 ) - This course is part of the pre-clinical curriculum for medical and dental students in their third year. Our goal is to provide the basic principles of medical microbiology with an orientation towards infectious diseases. In addition to the traditional approach of frontal lectures combined with laboratory experience, we integrate methods of self-study (self-directed learning) and provide skills for the correct utilization of the vast information resources available online today. At the end of the course the students' are tested through a computerized testing system.
  2. Clinical Courses in Infectious Diseases - This course is provided as part of the clinical curriculum for medical students in their fourth, fifth and sixth years.

The course is delivered within a framework where sixth year students spend 14 days in our department. During rounds, students are exposed to the routine work that goes on around the department; they accompany department physicians, are taught clinical microbiology laboratory work, participate in department meetings and professional seminars given by physicians and scientists of the department.

The department considers teaching an integral part of its work and will continue to invest resources to improve teaching in the future too.