Clinical and surgical service

The department specializes in and excels in all types of minimally invasive surgeries (laparoscopes), including surgeries to treat obesity (bariatrics), cholecystectomies, all types of colon and small intestine resections, appendectomies, splenectomies, diaphragmatic hernia repairs and gastroesophageal reflux, Treatment of esophageal achalasia, repairs of inguinal hernias and hernias in the abdominal wall (after surgeries), and chest sympathectomies for excessive sweating of the hands.

The department has areas of excellence according to the following subjects: laparoscopic surgery; bariatric surgery (morbid obesity); endocrine surgery; oncological surgery (cancer); breast surgery; Surgery of the colon and rectum and proctology (colorectal); malignant melanoma; Surgery of hernias and abdominal wall (hernias); Surgery of the liver and pancreas.

There is also a system for consultations, second opinions and legal opinions.
In the surgical clinic, hemorrhoids are tied, and benign and malignant skin tumors are excised under local anesthesia.


The main areas of activity of the department:

  • Comprehensive, surgical and post-surgical treatment for inflammatory and malignant diseases of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, biliary system.
  • Surgical and comprehensive treatment of malignant diseases of the digestive system: esophagus, stomach, duodenum and small intestine, large intestine and rectum.
  • Surgical treatment of inflammatory diseases of the colon such as diverticulitis, Crohn's and ulcerative colitis.
  • Benign diseases of gallstones and bile ducts.
  • Diagnostic and surgical treatment, in conjunction with the breast unit and the X-ray institute for benign and malignant diseases of the breast including modern treatments such as breast conservation, breast reconstruction in collaboration with plastic surgeons and sentinel gland biopsy.
  • A variety of advanced surgeries to treat obesity (bariatrics).
  • Repair of various hernias in the abdominal wall and groin with or without synthetic mesh, including laparoscopic repairs of hernias in surgical scars and unilateral and bilateral hernias.
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of problems in the anus (proctology) such as fissures, hemorrhoids, fistulas and abscesses.
  • Diagnostic and surgical procedures in the endocrine (hormonal) system including thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal (laparoscopic surgeries) in conjunction with the endocrinology department.
  • Clear and comprehensive treatment including the surgical treatment of malignant diseases in close cooperation with the Sharett Institute.
  • Treatment of the hematological diseases of the spleen (laparoscopic surgeries) and the lymph nodes in different parts of the body.
  • Surgical treatment of connective tissue tumors (sarcomas).
  • Comprehensive treatment includes resections, reconstructions, sentinel node biopsy and lymph node resection of malignant melanomas in different body areas.
  • Diagnosis and laparoscopic treatment of various hernias in the diaphragm and treatment of gastroesophageal reflux.
  • Ambulatory surgery to remove various lesions mainly in the skin and breast.
  • Operations for the treatment of peptic diseases (ulcers) of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, including surgical - endoscopic treatment of these diseases.