Specialization for Neurologists

The Department of Neurology is recognized by the Scientific Council as a department for internship.

In addition to the basic residency program demanded by the Scientific Council, doctors in the department are exposed to a wide variety of medical, academic and research activities. The medical work is carried out within the framework of the inpatient department, the neurology clinic and the emergency room. Thus, interns are exposed to a whole range of different areas in neurology, acquire great experience and independence in their work as future neurology experts.

Additionally, Hadassah Hospital-Ein Kerem and the Department of Neurology is a tertiary medical center. Thus, the Department receives diagnosis and treatment of especially complicated cases.

Resident activities within the departmental framework include:

  1. Presentation of patients within the framework of "Grand Rounds".
  2. Preparation of team discussions in which patients are presented with diagnostic and treatment questions or with rare diseases. Team discussions provide opportunities to study specific topics in neurology and to acquire experience in clinical presentations.
  3. Participation in professional meetings, including neuroradiology and pathology meetings.
  4. Preparation and participation in departmental seminars, among these a journal club, reporting from international conferences, presentation of topics and new drugs in neurology.
  5. Participation in teaching neurology to medical students. The instruction includes seminars on different subjects and performing guided rounds. The teaching requirement is a strong incentive to broaden the knowledge of the instructor in the area in which he/she is teaching.

The residents receive close instruction by the senior staff in the department and there are also further training courses given by invited lecturers from outside.

The Department encourages the residents to be involved in research. For this, we have a large neurology laboratory attached to the department in which research is carried out in various areas of basic brain studies. The residents can combine with existent research subjects or do a basic sciences project that is part of the requirements of the Scientific Council of the IMA.

Likewise, the department participates in a variety of different clinical studies.