Specialist Nurses in Breast Cancer Care

Since 1996, at the Hadassah Hospitals, there is a service of a nurse coordinator in breast cancer care.

This service aims to provide education, support and counseling from diagnosis, treatment to rehabilitation. The nurse gives information regarding the surgery and the different oncological treatments, giving psychological support and coordination for the woman and her dear ones. The service is provided within a multidisciplinary team.

This special service started initially at Hadassah with the support of the Israel Cancer Association, and now exists in most of the medical institutions in the country.

The nurses operating the service are: Dr. Ilana Kadmon at Hadassah Ein-Karem and Bracha Mayzels at Hadassah Mt. Scopus

Dr. Kadmon Ilana, PhD.
Tel: 972-2-6777996
Cell: 972-50-7874165
Mail: [email protected]

Ms. Bracha Mayzels
Tel: 972-2-5844192
Cell: 972-50-7874192
Mail: [email protected]