Smart Consumerism

Smart Consumerism is Healthy Consumerism

Smart consumerism is the first step to a balanced diet - how so?
Western Culture can be described by its consumer culture. A balanced diet begins in the shopping cart. It's important that most of the food in your cart are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and low-fat dairy products.

How do I know what I'm eating?
In the past few years, Israel has passed a law that requires food companies to write the ingredients of the product on the label. This information is very important and will help you fill your cart properly.

Learn How to Read Labels

Calories - the amount of calories in a food package will be written on the label and will generaly relate to 100 g. Most food contains more or less than 100 g., which can confuse consumers.

Fats - one of the main ingredients which indicates the quality of the food. It is important to remember that even vegetable fats can be bad if they are processed and saturated. If the label has vegetable fat - this is not a good fat, and you should avoid these foods.

Sodium - sodium can be found in small doses in natural food. In processed foods, there can sometimes be a much larger amount of sodium. Sodium intake should be minimal, especially among people with high blood pressure.

Calcium - Calcium is mostly found in dairy products. It is not mandatory to write the amount of calcium in the product.