The Melanoma Center

The Center for Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy has an active and diverse program for the treatment of melanoma and other cancers. In addition to standard therapies, the Center offers several unique treatment options aimed at strengthening the patient's immune response against his tumor. This approach is termed Immunotherapy. Two types of immunotherapy are administered at the Center for Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy:

1. a. Vaccines
The Center for Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy offers two different vaccines, aimed at treatment of stage III and IV patients who have undergone surgery to remove one or more metastases. Patients who show no evidence of additional tumor sites after surgery are eligible for one of the following vaccines:

  • The Autologous Vaccine for melanoma, prepared from the patient's own tumor cells, obtained from a biopsy during surgery. This vaccine is custom made for each patient. See more…
  • The Modified Allogeneic Vaccine for melanoma and other tumors, prepared from a tumor cell line with improved activity. This vaccine is suitable for a large percentage of patients. See more…

1. b. Adoptive Cell Therapy
This approach is suitable for patients with advanced melanoma who currently have few treatment options.

It is known that the melanoma tumor contains lymphocytes that may have the ability to kill the cancerous cells. In adoptive cell therapy these lymphocytes, termed “tumor infiltrating lymphocytes” are extracted from a tumor biopsy, multiplied in the laboratory and then reinfused into the patient. See more

The Center for Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy often takes part in international multicenter clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies developing new drugs for the treatment of metastatic melanoma. Hadassah's Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy Center has also several active research programs aimed at enhancing the efficacy of melanoma immunotherapy.

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