The Center for Treatment of Digestive Tract Cancer

The Center for Treatment of Digestive Tract Tumors applies a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of digestive tract tumors. Discussions and treatment decisions occur within a framework that brings together oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, nuclear medicine, and pathology specialists.

Together, the team develops a therapeutic strategy for each patient: combinations of chemotherapy and biological treatment; removal of metastases; burning of metastases (radio frequency); direct chemotherapy to the liver; warming of the abdominal cavity, etc.

Head of Center: Dr. Ayala Hubert
Coordinating nurse: Ms. Hedva Elhanani
Genetic counseling: Dr. Yael Goldberg

Active Research

  • Metastatic colonic cancer in the liver only; operable metastases; pre-op therapy combining avastin, chemotherapy, and arbitox.
  • Metastatic colonic cancer - first line of treatment; treatment with oxaliplatin and infusion of 5FU and arbitox compared to oxaliplatin, UFT tablets, and arbitox.
  • Second line treatment for metastatic GIST where treatment with Gleevec has failed.