The Center for Cancer Genetics (Oncogenetics)

Director o the Oncogenetic Service: Dr. Kaduri-Sonenfeld Luna

The Clinic of Cancer Genetic is run by senior genetic counselors; Avital Eilat, Shiri Shkedi, Naama Zvi, Adi Shmulewicz, under the supervision of Prof. Meiner Vardiella.

The Cancer Genetics clinic sees patients who have been referred by oncologists, gynecologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists, nurses and community doctors. Additionally, the clinic sees patients who come on their own for counseling regarding breast, ovarian or uterine cancer, colorectal cancer and other forms of cancer that has appeared in their family.

After the genetic test is performed carriers of mutation in cancer genes are referred to the Oncogenetic Carrier Clinic for further discussion regarding a follow-up plan and optional courses of action. The available follow up plans and treatments are adapted to each individual according to their age, family and personal history and patient's preferences.

To contact the clinic and to make appointment for genetic counseling at the caner genetic clinic call Hadassah Appointment Canter 02-5844111.

In case the genetic counseling and testing is urgent for treatment decision a referral by the treating oncologist or surgeon is required.