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The Sharett Institute of Oncology - Cancer Treatment at Hadassah Hospital, Israel

The Sharett Institute of Oncology was established at the Hebrew University - Hadassah Medical Center in 1977 as a national institute for the prevention, treatment, and research of cancer in Israel. The Sharett Institute of Oncology, which serves the population of Jerusalem and surrounding area, is a referral center for cancer patients from all over the world. More than 3,500 new patients are referred to the Sharett Institute each year.

The Sharett Institute strives for excellence, reliability, and compassion while treating cancer patients. The Sharett Institute strives to provide the best and most innovative methods available while addressing the special emotional needs of each and every patient. Alongside the administration of standard cancer treatment, our physicians include our patients in international clinical trials and develop experimental and cutting-edge cancer treatment approaches in our Oncology Department. To achieve these goals, the Sharett Institute operates special units that are inextricably linked. These units include infrastructure units, specialized units, and interdisciplinary units.

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