The Mickey and Harold Smith Enhancement Center

The Mickey and Harold Smith Enhancement Center was established after the Smiths of St. Paul, Minnesota lost their daughter Marjorie to cancer at the age of 30. Marjorie was a very sociable young woman and during her chemotherapy treatment there were no suitable wigs or other means to help her maintain her confidence and self-esteem.

Mickey Smith, who would later lose her own battle with cancer, felt that something needed to be done so that other cancer patients would not have to go through that problem alone, and as a long-time member of Hadassah, pushed for the establishment for this Center. Marjorie always took joy in being of service to others, and the Smiths honor Marjorie's legacy through the daily work of this Center.

The Mickey and Harold Smith Enhancement Center helps cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy who, as a result, suffer from hair loss and other aesthetic problems. The Center helps fit these patients with wigs and treats other cosmetic problems.

The Smith Family established a special fund which sponsors treatment costs for patients based on certain criteria.

The Center, located on Level T3 in the Sharett Institute, is open Sundays - Thursday, between 9 am and 3 pm.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 02-6778668