Clinical Research

The oncology clinical trial unit at the Sharett Institute of Oncology
Director: Jonathan E. Cohen MD, PhD, [email protected]
Chief operating officer: Mrs. Ira Barsky, [email protected]
Start-up team lead: Mrs. Orit Cohen, [email protected]

The treatment of cancer has advanced greatly over the past years with an increase in cancer survivorship and quality of life. New treatments for cancer are the fruits of research beginning in the laboratories and advancing to clinical trials in patient populations.

Despite the great progress, there is still a substantial need in the development of new drugs and drug combinations in order to increase the magnitude of benefit amongst those already responding to treatments and allow others to benefit from safe and effective treatments.

The Sharett Institute of Oncology at Hadassah Medical Center has gained extensive experience in conducting clinical trials at all stages of development from the laboratory bench, through early phase I trials, phase II and phase III registration trials. These include studies initiated by physicians and researches from Hadassah and the Hebrew University as well as international multi-center pharma sponsored trials.

Participation in a clinical trial can be an opportunity to benefit from novel treatments that are not otherwise available and advance cancer treatment at large; however, as interventions are investigational, at times they may eventually prove ineffective. It is important to discuss the pros and cons of clinical trial participation with your oncologist and the research team in order to reach the correct choice for you.

All clinical trials are conducted according to international standards of ethics and are approved by the local institutional review board (IRB).