Breast Cancer Center


Early detection is the single-most important tool for curing breast cancer. Many women can overcome this disease if the cancer is discovered in the early stages. Early detection saves lives! Every woman must get checked.

One in every nine woman in Israel will develop the disease sometime in her lifetime. More than 3000 women are diagnosed annually in Israel, and some 700 women die from breast cancer every year. The understanding of the genetics of the disease may also play a role in the epidemiological aspects of breast cancer. The diversity of the cultural backgrounds of women in Israel shows that the disease is more prominent among women from Western countries than among those with an Eastern background. Changes in the attitude towards breast cancer treatment throughout North America and Europe are now being integrated into the Israeli health care system. Breast cancer treatment in Israel is becoming more tailored to the needs of the individual woman, and a multidisciplinary comprehensive approach is what women ask and expect from their health providers.