The Biotechnology and Radiobiology Laboratory

Location: Sharett Institute of Oncology Building: Level T4 (-4),

Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

Biothechnology Lab . Cell Therapy

Prof. Gorodetsky Raphael, Ph.D. - head of the laboratory
Mrs. Ilana Stav, B.Sc. – Chief Technician
Ms. Evgenia Volinsky, B.Sc. – MSc Candidate
Mrs. Astar Lazmi-Hailu, B.Sc. – MSc Candidate
Mr. Boaz Adani, Research Student
Mr. Or Alfi, Research Student
Ehud Shachar, B.Sc. - Ph.D. Candidate
College research project students: Dan-Wattreman & Astar Hailu

Main Research Interests

1. Cell based therapy mediated by stromal cells

Development of methods for differential isolation and expansion of normal mesenchymal stromal cells from different sources (MSC)
Using isolated and expanded of allogeneic normal placental stromal cells (PSC)
Testing the effect of the mode of cell administration for different treatments.
Evaluation of cell therapy with PSC in different inflammatory diseases
Test PSC treatment for acute radiation response and for regeneration of depleted and damaged bone marrow

2. Fibrin related technologies and matrices for tissue regeneration

Development and modifications on fibrin microbeads (FMB) for 3D cell-culture in suspension, for isolation of stem cells and for tissue repair.
Testing activity and mechanism of action of fibrin related Haptotactic peptides (Haptides) and analogous sequences for enhancement of cellularization of different matrices, transduction of molecules and liposomes into cells and drug delivery.
Coating implants with dehydrothermally treated fibrin layer.
Testing the systemic effects of fibrin derived fibrin C-termini peptides "Haptides": effect on cardiovascular system and interaction with mast cells

3. Research on different bio matrices for 3D cell attachment and expansion

Modification of cell binding matrices for enhanced cell interactions

4. Radiobiology and Cancer Research studies

Effect of radiation on normal tissues and on wound healing
Reversal of radiation effects on skin.
Effect of the combination of radiation with drugs on normal and transformed cells

5. Immunotherapy of Cancer

Development of targeted cancer treatment by induced tumor bed inflammatory response using microbeads based technology

6. Development of new devices and technologies

VESA - Viscoelastic Skin Analyzer. Technology of the device for the measurement of the physical properties of skin and other soft tissues.