The Rheumatology Unit is strongly committed to research and is involved in a number of ongoing basic science and clinical projects in collaboration with other researchers.

Research projects presently in progress:

  • Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF): Genetics of the disease, Phenotype- genotype correlations, Colchicine effect on fertility in women with FMF, Mechanism of action of colchicine
  • Behcet's Disease: Genetics of the disease, Familial Behcet disease (characteristics), Role of anti TNF agents in this disease,
  • Anti Cardiolipin Syndrome: Association with infectious diseases
  • Osteoarthritis: Epidemiology and risk factors; Clinical studies with potential structure modifying agents; Ethical issues that relate to chronic disabling arthritis in the elderly; Allocation of health care resources and discrimination based on age
  • Fibromyalgia: Clinical characterization; Behavioural research; Clinical drug trials
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Clinical drug trials with Etanercept (TNF alpha receptor) with and without concomittant methotrexate; Actemra (anti IL-6 receptor) in Still's disease and RA