The department of Neurosurgery has several areas of research which closely parallel the fields of clinical surgical expertise that have developed.

Skull Base Neuroanatomy
(Prof. Felix Umansky, Dr. Sergey Spektor). The Laboratory for Skull Base Microsurgical Neuroanatomy has devoted special interest to the microanatomy of the cavernous sinus and the course of the cranial nerves associated with it. Modern neuronavigational techniques have been used to explore difficult skull base surgical approaches. These findings have been utilized within a multidisciplinary approach to skull base surgery.

Molecular Neurooncology
(Dr. Yigal Shoshan, Dr. Rosenthal). Surgical Neuro-oncology research has most recently been conducted in collaboration with Professor Chaya Brodie at the Dept. of Life Sciences, Bar-Ilan University Tel-Aviv. This work has focused on the role of Protein Kinase C isomers in the regulation of the growth of malignant gliomas. The laboratory for molecular characterization of brain tumors will soon be functional at Hadassah.

(Dr. Yigal Shoshan, Dr. Rosenthal). Clinical neurotrauma research over a period of many years has focused on the investigation of neuroprotective drugs in severe head trauma. Currently, Dexanabinol is being investigated in the setting of a multicenter, prospective, randomized study.

Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
(Dr. Zvi Israel, Dr. Yigal Shoshan, Dr. Ricardo Segal )

(Prof. José Cohen)