The Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatric Medicine of Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus has conducted a major research project called "Jerusalem: A 70-year olds Longitudinal Study". This is a community-based longitudinal, prospective cohort study on a representative sample of Jerusalem residents born in 1920-1921. The study encompasses many medical, gerontological and social issues of aging. It was initiated in 1990 and hundreds of participants have been examined since. The fourth cross section was started in 2011.

As part of the study, the department gathers information on every participant including their medical, social and financial history. The participant also undergoes a complete physical examination including neurological and cognitive examinations as well as a wide variety of laboratory and imaging studies. The study included more than 1,500 participants.

The study produced a large database for all fields of geriatric medicine, gerontology and basic sciences of aging. This database can be used to assist in planning community and hospitalization services for the aging population. So far many scientific publications have emerged from this large-scale study and many more are in various stages of publication.

Did you know....?

"Reading Daily Can Reduce Mortality Among Men: Findings From a Cohort of Community-Dwelling 70-Year-Olds"
A study conducted at Hadassah Mount Scopus examining the effects of various actions on longevity conducted over a timespan of 18 years, found that study participants who read every day lived longer. The findings show that 83% (vs. 61% among those who do not read daily) live beyond the age of 78. The phenomenon was clearly diagnosed only in men. Conducting the research were Professor John Shatsman and Dr. Jeremy Jacobs, Department of Geriatrics at Mount Scopus.