Research Activity

Our department has a number of ongoing research projects. The following are some of the selected topics:

  • K+ Metabolism: The physiology of K+ channels; ROMK and CHIF, their gene expression and protein abundance in health and in disease.
  • Resetting of Glomerulotubular Balance in the Diabetic Kidney: Monitoring Na-K-ATPase activity in diabetic kidneys in animals with type I and type II diabetes. These experiments provide an insight into the process that initiates the tubulointerstitial injury in diabetic nephropathy and aging kidney.
  • Water Preservation in Arid Climates: Survival in arid areas requires water conservation. We have launched experiments using desert rodents (Psammomys) to explore the urinary concentration mechanism(s), by correlating Na transport activity with the gene expression of Na-K-ATPase. Our data show that urea-dependent passive Na transport plays a major role in the urinary concentrating system, rather than active, Na-pump dependent transport. Further studies related to urea transporters are underway.
  • Renal Tubular Phosphate Transport: Studies of phostate transport and of the interaction of PTH with vitamin D in normal and disease states.
  • Signal Transduction Pathways in Bone: Calcium efflux and influx in bone organ culture. The signal transduction pathways of calcemic hormones such as PTH, 1,25(OH)2 vitamin D3 and 24,25(OH)2 vitamin D3 in bone organ cultures.
  • Experimental Renal Bone Disease
  • Immunomodulatory Fusion Proteins: Studies on induction of tolerance to specific antigens, with special interest in alloantigens. Clinical Research. The following are few selected topics only.
  • Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction in the Uremic State: These studies address the cardiovascular instability in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis.
  • Uremic Osteodystrophy: Therapeutic trials for bone disease in dialysis patients. Further studies aim to define the changing spectrum of uremic osteodystrophy, with an emphasis on the adynamic bone disease.
  • New Diagnostic Techniques for Bone Status Assessment: This study, as well as other related studies are conducted in Hadassah's Osteoporosis Center. Likewise, many therapeutic trials associated with the pharmaceutical industry are underway.