The main reaserch projects of the department of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation in the last years were:

1. The outcome of terror victims who were treated in Rehabilitation. We examined the outcome of all terror victims who were treated in the Rehabilitation department in the last 4 years. We concentrate mainly on terror victims who suffered from traumatic brain injury and compared their outcome to the outcome of regular TBI patients. We found that terror victims with TBI were hospitalized longer and suffered from severe injury and complications as compared to non-terror victims with TBI. This work was presented in Israeli and internetional conferences of Rehabilitation medicine and published4.2007 ina leading journal in PM&R (Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2007;88:440-448).

2. We investigated the use of the "LOKOMAT", a robotic device for locomotor therapy in the treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries, CVA and peripheral neurological diseases. We found that this treatment is well tolerated and can improve the functional outcome of these patients.

3. The effect of treatment using constrained induced motor treatment (CIMT) in patients with lacunar CVA using clinical parameters and fMRI evaluation.

4. The use of virtual reality modality to treat patients with neurologolical deficits such as patients after CVA or patients with chronic pain. A novel virtual system was developed by a team from our department and a clinical trial will be started soon.

5. The influence of orthopedic surgery for BKA and minisectomy on static and dynamic balance using the "Balance Master" The "balance master" is a computerizeed new device for the evaluation of equilibrium. This reaserch is done in cooperation with the department of Orthopedic and physiotherapy in Hadassah University Center.