Rehabilitation Center and Neurogeriatrics

Neurogeriatrics and Memory Clinic, Hadassah Mount Scopus Clinics Building.
Prof. Zeev Meiner, Dr. Yehoshua Neeman

This clinic is designed for the investigation and treatment of memory and neurological disorders in adults.

In the framework of the clinic, diagnoses to identify the reasons for memory disorders are performed including neurological tests, neuropsychological tests, blood tests and imaging tests. After the investigation process, a detailed summary of the findings is sent to the patient and his personal physician.

In accordance with the findings, the patient receives the appropriate treatment and is followed up in the clinic to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment and its suitability to the patient. The clinic is in close contact with family physicians, geriatric physicians, and services for dementia sufferers in the community (clubs "Melabev" and the "Golden Age") in Jerusalem, including consultations and lectures on the subjects of dementia and memory decline.

Clinic hours:
Prof. Zeev Meiner, Neurologist - Mon. and Wed. from 12:00 to 17:00
Dr. Yehoshua Neeman, Neuropsychologist - Tues. from 9:00 to 14:00

How to contact us:
For appointments, please call our Appointments Center: 02-5844211, or for inquiries: 02-5844582